Boost your immune system with food

immune system

Food first is a major aspect of Simply For Life. With the right nutrition you can even make sure your immune system is up to par to fight off any nastiness that comes your way. 


Widely known for its medicinal properties, garlic contains allicin, an active ingredient which has been shown to aid the body in fighting infection and bacteria. Simply For Life recommends to cut up a couple raw cloves into small pieces and swallow the pieces whole at the first sign of a cold and to eat one clove a day until fully well.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to build muscle tissue and boost immunity. Most people just think of citrus fruits such as oranges to contain Vitamin C. But if you’re looking for sources beyond the oranges, grab some broccoli and kiwifruit – they both have high levels of Vitamin C.


Yogurt is a good source of ‘healthy’ bacteria and helps boost your immune system. Make sure you increase your intake of yogurt if you start taking antibiotics for an infection. This will help keep your system balanced as you need healthy bacteria in your system and antibiotics will kill both bad and good bacteria.


Ginger can help ease the nasal congestion that goes with common colds and the flu. Consider making ginger tea by slicing a little ginger root with boiling water, and a slice of lemon.


This plant can ease throat and upper respiratory tract infection and it will help clear out your sinuses. It has antibiotic properties; it also has been shown specifically to destroy the flu virus and reduce the severity of flu infections.


Remember to consume extra water when you are fighting an infection to keep your kidneys and liver filtering out toxins.

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