Day of Drinking Guidelines


We have to be realistic at Simply For Life that many of our clients are drinking and we’re okay with you doing it every now and then if you follow our guidelines to help keep you on track. We don’t encourage people to drink every day or to binge drink every weekend, but when you are planning on having a few on the weekend, follow our guidelines to help minimize damage to your weight loss efforts. Everyone is different, so get to know your body and what works for you.


  • Drink lots of water (dehydration # 1 reason people get hung-over).
  • Be consistent with your water throughout the day.
  • Make sure you eat a healthy meal before going out to keep you feeling full.
  • No starchy carbs past 1pm (rice, bread, pita, crackers, sweet potato, potato, quinoa, etc). If you’re going to drink, you have to tweak your food choices.
  • Never skip food to make room for alcohol. We are just decreasing carbohydrates, not skipping meals.
  • Put a big glass of lemon and water at your bedside to drink when you get home.
  • Prepare healthy snacks before going out to prevent a post-drinking munch down. That slice of pizza will ruin all your hard work!
  • Ch- ch-Chia. It soaks up about 10 times it’s weight in water, creating a gel which slows the absorption of alcohol into blood stream, and helps to keep you hydrated. You never want to drink on an empty stomach!! Add some chia seeds to a smoothie or grab a Mamma Chia drink or squeeze pack. Always make sure to take chia seeds with plenty of fluids.
  • Exercise!

Sample Menu

    • Meal 1: 2 oz dry oatmeal with berries, kefir, ½ oz walnuts, chia seeds & cinnamon OR Ezekiel English muffin with 1 tbsp butter or ghee, 1 thin slices of raw cheese and an egg

• Meal 2: apple or greek yogurt

  • Meal 3: Salad with Protein
  • Meal 4: Veggies with guacamole or tzakiki sauce
  • Meal 5: Protein & non-starchy veggies
  • Examples: Kelp noodle stir-fry OR Steak with mushrooms onion & broccoli OR Dill salmon with cauliflower-mashed potatoes.


  • Have a glass of water after every 2 alcoholic drinks (add lemon or lime).
  • Have protein & veggies for supper when drinking. If you are out to eat, you could order a 5oz steak with a side of vegetables and a Greek salad instead of the starch.
  • Snacks at night with alcohol should be protein, vegetable & fat based. Our favorite things to eat with alcohol are olives, cheese and nuts.
  • Pack a snack in your purse or pocket (nuts or quest bar) in case you need it.
  • Once Home
  • Never take Tylenol with alcohol – Ibuprofen only if you need something.
  • Drink lemon and water before bed.
  • Eat something light IF you’re hungry (NO starchy carbs like mac & cheese or pizza-yes we can read minds!).
  • Get lots of sleep.

Day After Drinking Guidelines

  • Before breakfast, go for a fast-paced 30 min walk outside and drink a black coffee.
  • Have a large 2-egg veggie omelet the next morning for breakfast, along with your liter of water. Do not consume any carbs during breakfast– fruit, bread, wraps, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt (other than Greek yogurt). Continue on with your day, having a piece of fruit for your morning snack (banana’s best), and either a sweet potato, pita or rice with your lunch. Protein and veggies for supper.
  • Never take Tylenol with alcohol – Ibuprofen only if you need something.
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