Every Day Workouts


Don’t have enough time during the day to go to the gym or exercise? It’s a common belief, but did you know that being active every day, even when you are your busiest, will help minimize stress and actually give you more energy? It’s true!

Here are a few tips that you can incorporate into your busy, everyday routine.

  • When going shopping park further away from the en¬trance so you get a small brisk walk in.
  • When standing up from a seated position try using your legs to stand instead of pulling yourself up with your arms.
  • Do a set of bicep curls with your grocery bags before putting them in the car.
  • Use the stairs at work instead of the elevator.
  • When standing in line stand on one foot and use all those little muscles you don’t realize you have.
  • Instead of going to the fridge during commercial breaks do wall-push ups.
  • When walking hold your stomach in from telephone pole to the next, then relax for one, hold for one. It’s a great ab workout.
  • Do some squats while waiting at bus stop.
  • Do a set of lunges each morning when you get out of bed.
  • Small changes can add up to big health rewards if you choose to make them!
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