Why Are Mushrooms All The Rage?


Mushrooms are here, but not in the way you think! 

You may have noticed recently how mushrooms have been popping up everywhere - no pun intended.

From mushroom coffee to mushroom protein powders, we can see this unique class of superfood appearing in almost anything. But why mushrooms? Which mushroom blend is the best? Will they really make a difference in our health? We break it all down for you below so you can become the new mushroom connoisseur of your friend group. 


      The Power Of Mushrooms


d9940fb24a4cbfd79c2942ade7a0eb04 The History:
Mushrooms have been used for their medicinal properties for centuries. Even the famous Greek physician Hippocrates (450 BCE) prescribed mushrooms to his patients! Throughout history, we can see the use of mushrooms for health-promoting reasons all across the globe. 

The Reason:
Mushrooms are classified as “superfoods” because their benefits go beyond simple nutrition. Mushrooms are natural antioxidants, help regulate the nervous system, aid in fighting inflammation, and boost cognitive function without the crash of caffeine. Mushrooms used medicinally are a fantastic resource for those struggling with anxiety, nervous system impairment, adrenal fatigue, and those battling inflammation.

The Fear:

Let’s clear the air; these medicinal mushrooms are non-psychedelic!  They are completely safe to consume wherever you are at any time of day. Like any new supplement, always check with your doctor first. 


5 popular Mushroom Types 

While there are many mushroom blends available, you may benefit from including a particular mushroom type in your routine. Check out these 5 popular mushroom types below!


Known as the King of Mushrooms, Chaga has traditionally been used to supplement immune health, fight tissue damage, and regulate blood sugar. Chaga is a great addition to those with high blood pressure or autoimmune diseases involving tissue damage. 


This mushroom is a great option for those looking to increase immunity, reduce stress, and aid sleep. Reishi has been used for centuries in China as a means to enhance life and longevity. Those looking for overall support, better sleep, and stress reduction could benefit from Reishi supplementation. 

Lion’s Mane

The wildest-looking of the bunch, Lion’s Mane is a mushroom used for resilience, focus, and concentration. You will likely find this mushroom blend as a coffee substitute because of its stimulating effect. Do you struggle with afternoon brain fog? This medicinal mushroom may help with that. 

Turkey Tail

Chinese Medicine looks to Turkey Tail as a way to combat dampness (water retention, feeling bulky and weighed down). Turkey Tail is also one of the most researched mushrooms to date due to its soothing effect on the digestive tract, and its ability to boost immunity in certain types of Cancer. If immune/digestion healing is what you’re aiming for, check out Turkey Tail.


Lastly, the energy powerhouse is known as Cordyceps! Discovered in the Himalayas, this medicinal mushroom naturally boosts energy without the unwanted crash of caffeine. Along with Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps is typically found in mushroom coffee. If you’ve been looking for a way to limit coffee without losing the energy boost, look to Cordyceps to get you going.  

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