Your Guide to Navigating Cold/Flu Season


Looking for quick tips to navigating the upcoming cold/flu season? We've compiled a few lifestyle tips to carry you through! 

Get Outside! What is the best form of vitamin D? The sun on your skin, of course! Vitamin D is fantastic for the immune system, yet Canadians tend to be deficient because of our longer winters. 15-20 minutes of sun on exposed, un-suncreened skin (be mindful of the season and times of day to avoid burning) will give you your daily recommended intake. Unable to soak up some rays? Supplementing D3+K2 (K2 makes vitamin D3 work harder) can get you to your goals.  

Hydration is Key: Water is like oil in a machine - it keeps everything lubricated and moving on the inside. Water also pushes toxins through the kidneys and liver, helping rev up the healing process. It'll keep your skin and throat hydrated while your body fights off the virus. If lots of water sounds unappealing right now, try making a soothing tea with ginger and honey, sip on some homemade chicken bone broth, or make a healing smoothie with water as your liquid. 

Eat to Build Immunity: While viruses are a part of life, what you eat on a regular basis can either build up or tear down your immune system. Artificial ingredients, processed foods, white sugars, and loads of inflammatory fats can break down our immune systems over time, making it easier for the germs to set up camp. A lifestyle that includes a colourful array of fruits and vegetables, quality grains and meat, and heart-healthy fats will build up a happy body from the inside out. 

Supplement Smartly: While there are hundreds of supplement blends out there that target immunity, being a smart supplement consumer is crucial to keep you from wasting money. Studies show that supplementing with Zinc reduces the duration of a cold , while helping repair cells that may have been damaged by the virus. Luckily, Zinc has been added to the Simply For Life lineup of supplements - check out your nearest store to stock up! 

Don't Overdo It: Getting sick can be nature's way of reminding us to slow down and get some rest. When we sleep, our bodies work away at repairing damaged cells - the more quality sleep we get, the more time our bodies have to repair. The less stress you have on your body during sickness, the more it can spend time on getting better - this means reducing both workouts and workload, if possible. Your body will thank you!


What are some other ways you navigate a cold or flu? 


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