So you want to change your lifestyle...but where do you start?


One of the most overlooked areas to improve your lifestyle is the need to work on personal development and mindset. How you think and what you tell yourself day in and day out will be your story, whether it's true or not. “ I hate cooking” or “I hate exercise” are common things we hear and although you may not like those things now, you can learn to like them a little more if you decide to change your thinking. “I used to hate cooking, but I’m determined to get better at it” can be a game changing statement if you put it into practice one simple step at a time. If you tell yourself "I hate all exercise", you have to change your thinking or you'll continue to believe that you hate it!! You can learn to do anything you put your mind to, but it has to be realistic. You may have hated exercise before because you went to a gym for an hour and half and thought you had to go 5-7 days a week! There are effective workouts that can be done in 10 minutes. The easier and more doable you set your goal, the more likely you will stay consistent with it and then you can build from there. 



A lot of people also come to us wanting to lose weight, but that is not always a powerful enough motivator to sustain the habit changes long-term. If you want long-term change in your lifestyle, you need to find deeper meaning for WHY you want to change. Usually, multiple reasons why you want to change your lifestyle can be more powerful than one. The weight is only in the moment and the lifestyle is forever. Chase the feeling of feeling good, not the scale! Here are some tips:



  1. Write out why you want to change your lifestyle. What will it do for you and those you love? 
  1. Set realistic goals that you can actually do. You're not going to work out everyday of the week forever, so stop saying that as a goal! It's not realistic or necessary. If you're new to exercise, start with something you actually enjoy.
  1. Is "health" a personal value to you? People might say they value things like "honesty" and “integrity”, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself if health is a personal value? 
  1. Get accountable! The nutrition coaches at Simply For Life can help you set goals and hold you accountable. They can also help you with meal planning and grocery shopping. It takes the guesswork away and helps give you clear guidance. We have the plan and the strategy, but you need to be working on improving your thinking and positive self-talk!
  1. Eat whole foods that you actually enjoy. Our meal plans are not boring and they don't leave you feeling hungry all day long which can cause you to binge. 
  1. Strive for progress and focus on what you ARE doing well...not all the things you're not doing yet. 




Do you set nutrition goals that are so rigid, you can't maintain them? Don't start trying to overhaul your nutrition while you're also trying to get back into exercising. Start with one thing you want to work on first. Here are a few ideas for simple nutrition goals you can build on. Stick with one of these goals below for at least 4-6 weeks. You already have a lot on your plate, overwhelming yourself with too many changes will derail you. 


  1. Try a different vegetable recipe once per week. Some people think they don't like brussel sprouts because of how they were served as a child, boiled and bland! Roast them in the oven with garlic, bacon and parmesan...BOOM, you have a new vegetable you now love. 
  1. Take your lunch to work or the home office each day. Leftovers can be a great way to make simple lunches work for you. Get a few meals-to-go from your local Simply For Life if you want a few nights off cooking to subsidize your prep! 
  1. Prep healthy snacks ahead of time. We give our clients a ton of snack options they can choose from that keep them full and satisfied. Fruit with nuts, hummus and cucumber, yogurt with berries are a few of our favourite things. 
  1. Focus on less nibbling and picking. Nibbles and picks add up and can happen very easily. Don't leave food on the counter so that when you walk by, you're always grabbing a few bites. 
  1. Keep a healthy food environment at home, especially when motivation is low or you're stressed. If I find myself stress eating, it's time to not buy the chips or crackers next week because I'll be less tempted if they're not there. Grab a small bag of chips out instead of bringing a large one home.
  1. Commit to 1 hour on the weekend to prep some food ahead. Roast and chop some vegetables, cook some starches like sweet potato, potato, rice or pasta to add to meals. Prepare some protein in the slow cooker or other protein that will reheat well! Keep it simple so you're not overwhelmed with hours of meal prep. Taco meat can be cooked and reheated easily in a wrap, added to a salad or as a taco rice bowl! Our Simply For Life sausages are great to pre-cook and then add to meals later.  
  1. Practice stopping eating when you’re 80% full and slow down. Sit down to eat and savour and enjoy your food with less distractions. 


You shouldn't have to do this alone, or rely on information you can find on the internet. Find something that is specific to your needs and not the whole population. We hope this helps you start your healthier lifestyle journey but can help you with more tips on how to start.


Our first consultation is free for you to come in and chat with one of our experts. No commitment needed for the first session so that you can make your decision if you're all in, or all out. 

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