Busy Lifestyle Success Story - Dave Thompson

Men have great success with our program too, they just have different needs and goals. With customization, anything is possible for anyone with Simply For Life, just check out Dave's story. Almost a decade ago but he's still living a healthy lifestyle to this day because of our program! 

"In 2008 I was a typical young professional North American man at 231lb with an irritable bowel and no energy to do much, let alone play with my kids or be active with my wife. Added to that I had a family history of men that die in their early 60s and live a life of bad health with many operations and tons of medicine.  My father had been sick my entire life, with being overweight, having heart problems, diabetes and in poor physical condition.  To add to that, I could think up any excuse to not eat healthy; too busy, waking up late, having back to back meetings, traveling for work, on and on and on…

Well I decided I didn’t want that for myself and my family.  Early in 2008, the company I work for had brought in Bruce to talk about health and nutrition.  After listening to Bruce talk, my wife, Jenn Thompson, and I knew a change had to be made in our lifestyles, for us and our kids.  We immediately called and booked an appointment at Simply For Life with Mike Griffin at their Saint John clinic.

That was the beginning of a life changing event for me. I started eating better, and through the SFL information they taught us we began understanding nutrition, when and what to eat and why.  I started getting my health back, being active again, playing more with my kids and my feet didn’t hurt just walking up and down the stairs. 

Although I was an on again off again gym goer most of my life I became locked in for good. Exercising became part of my life.  A stress reliever, mood enhancer and energy accelerator.  Living a very busy life with a high demand job and running constantly with two active kids I realized the gym is where you can relieve the stress of the day to day life and get ready for whatever challenge comes next.

With encouragement from Mike I entered my first show in Saint John in April 2009. I placed first in a novice division and second in a welterweight division. I was hooked. Eating healthy and bodybuilding was for me. I loved the journey that the food plan took me on. Watching my body change each week. Making improvements and constantly learning. Immediately after the first show I started training for the New Brunswick’s in 2009. I came in incredibly lean but did not place that year in a grouping of 12 contestants.  I took that as a challenge. Took a couple years off and gained about 15lbs of muscle following the SFL nutrition plan.  My next show I placed third in a very tight group of competitors. But not wanting to be done there, I set my focus on the next show.  Continuous learning through health and nutrition, how the food we eat fuels our body, I’m preparing for my next show in 2014.

I feel I am proof that even when life is busy, if you want you can make a change to your health.  We need to stop creating excuses and move to action.  I am a professional working as an Operations Manager for Irving Oil’s Retail and Fleet company with an incredibly busy lifestyle being married with two active kids and travel all over North America for many weeks each year for my work but I can still eat healthy, train hard and compete in the bodybuilding world that I love so much." 


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