Why Corporate Wellness Programs Are Here to Stay

Improving the health and wellness of your employees will positively affect your bottom line, period. With a growing concern for our healthcare system in Canada, many people are beginning to look at ways to manage their wellbeing from home, and at the office. 

Offering a Corporate Wellness Program will not only encourage health and longevity with your employees, it can also reduce absenteeism, combat workplace stress, and increase workplace productivity. 

According to Rise People, 6/10 of Canadian employees feel like their employers have some responsibility in ensuring their good health. A whopping 91% of employees of workplaces with a wellbeing program feel motivated to do their best!


What else can a Corporate Wellness Program do?

Create Team Unity - Having the whole team working towards a common goal, one that affects their whole life, is a great way to bring a personal, impactful touch to the workplace. 

Reduce Sick Days - Companies that have incorporated wellness programs have an overall reduction in absenteeism, with Sunlife seeing a 1.8 day reduction per employee per year

Improve Employee Retention - The workforce of today is looking for employment perks that go beyond a ping-pong table and casual dress Fridays. Offering a wellness program is offering an investment in your employees - this is something that they recognize. 

Save Employer's Money - According to a study done by Harvard, for every $1.00 spent towards corporate wellness, medical costs will fall by $3.27, and absenteeism drops by $2.73


Ready to see what type of corporate wellness program works for you and your employees? Message us here to learn about our monthly wellness events: Let's Chat!

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