Your Guide to a Healthy BBQ Season

The temperature is climbing, which means BBQ season is quickly approaching!

With burgers and booze in the air,  it can easily feel like BBQ season won't fit into your nutritional program. Don’t worry! We at SFL are huge fans of the grill, and we can help you stay on track well into the spring/summer season!

Go beyond hotdogs and burgers: While we are pro-organic red meat, the BBQ can also grill up some AMAZING chicken, turkey skewers, fish packed in foil, shrimp, or even marinated tofu! Mixing up proteins will offer you a broad spectrum of nutrients while keeping the focus on the grill. 

Load up on veggies: If salads are becoming boring, try grilling your veggies for an amazing flavour profile! Assembling veggie kabobs is an easy way to keep veggies in their place (try cherry tomatoes, zucchini chunks, pepper slices and mushrooms). Try foil-wrapping diced potatoes with spice and oil, or grill a whole pepper or tomato - the options are endless. 

Mind your sauces: When buying pre-spiced or marinated foods such as burgers, chicken or skewers, choose ones that have more iron and lower amounts of sodium. BBQ sauces and marinades can contain a lot of sugar, salt, and unnecessary ingredients - choose a quality sauce made of whole ingredients, or make your own at home with spices and oil! 

Enjoy your beverages: When it comes to drinks, keep it simple. A pitcher of water with lemon, lime or fruit slices can freshen up any barbecue! For an adult drink, opt for clear liquor and spirits mixed with carbonated water with fresh fruit added. You can add an extra drink or two this way, without splurging on calories or sacrificing flavour. 

Don't skip dessert: Did you know that you can grill fruit on the BBQ? Who would have thought! Make a grilled fruit salad with fresh whipping cream or Greek yogurt and honey. 

If you're headed into warmer months feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, we got you! Our 60 Day Challenge kicks off May 1st, carrying you into summer with a personalized health action plan. It's not too late to register! Click below to learn more:

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