Surviving Halloween

What can be a dangerous “trigger” for many of us and can drag on much longer than Thanksgiving? HALLOWEEN!

Let’s be honest, whether you like the salty crunch or you have a sweet tooth like myself, who can stop with just one little treat! If you are one of those people who can’t stop once they start, here are a few tips that will help dump that guilt and keep you on track this year.

• If you haven’t picked up your candy yet then GREAT! Wait until the day of Halloween and keep it OUT of the house.

• If you already bought it, try NOT to open it and hide it away. “out of sight.. out of mind”.

• We tend buy the items WE love so buy things that you do NOT like.

• If you know the approximate number of kids that visit your scary home, buy for that number of kids... NOT for hundreds.

• See if you can find healthier alternatives/treats like dark chocolate and so on. if these exist?

• Go a step further and try something different this year. You can pick up some fun and cheap things like: play dough, cool Halloween pencils, stickers, bouncy balls, popcorn, raisins, granola bars and so on. The glowing bouncy balls were a big hit at our house last year!

If you still have lots of “dangerous” goods lurking around then start handing out MORE candy at the end of the night. When that creepy teenager shows up around 9pm, just give them the remaining bowl. I know it’s a hard thing to do but at least they won’t toilet paper your house!

• If that didn’t work and you can’t stop eating it, throw it out or take the leftovers to work and get rid of it.

• Have great tasting dips and food for your Halloween party. Guacamole, hummus, bean dip, salsa’s, homemade meatballs, shrimp trays, and so on.. PLAN for your party! Ask your SFL consultant for party recipes.

Regardless of what you decide to buy this year and how much is left over, your kids are going to bring home the “mega load” with all your favorites at the end of the night! Sometimes you just can’t win. You may need a little extra willpower! Anyways, If you are like me and have a hard time with the term moderation with certain things, I hope some of these tips above will help you this year. Just try to do a little better than last year, and PLAN for success!

Talk to one of our coaches for more information on nutrition and wellbeing! Let us guide you towards making informed and health-conscious choices! Have a FUN and spooky season!

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