March's Smoothie Challenge Recap

Did you catch Bruce Sweeney’s smoothie challenge videos this month? While it’s never too late to check out the videos on our Facebook Page, we wanted to highlight key points on personalizing your smoothie to hit YOUR specific goals.

Smoothies are a fantastic way to get your nutrients in, replace a meal, or to have alongside you while travelling. Today, I’ll cover all the tidbits of knowledge Bruce dropped in his videos so you can create the perfect smoothie masterpiece! 

           1. Not all smoothies are created equal

Just because it’s a smoothie, doesn’t mean it will benefit you and your health goals! What is added to your concoction matters greatly - for example:

If you are incredibly active that day, or simply not looking to lose weight, aim for fruits that quickly convert carbohydrates to glucose for energy. Fruits like pineapple and mango are higher in carbs and calories, making them a great choice for those who need the additional energy. 

If you are monitoring your blood sugar levels, looking to lose weight, or looking for a slow release of energy, berries are your friend! Berries are low on the glycemic index, meaning they do not spike blood sugar as quickly as other fruits. Berries tend to be lower in calories and sugar for those looking to lose weight, and some are approved in moderation on a ketogenic diet! 


           2. Create a powerhouse smoothie by adding nutrient-dense foods


  • Kiwis are an immune-boosting superfood full of vitamin C and fiber. Blending them with the skin on will give you an excellent nutritional boost (without the skin is still beneficial!) Combining kiwis with some banana in a smoothie will also cover all of your electrolytes needed for important bodily functions. 
  • Turmeric has been used in traditional medicine for centuries for its anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric supports cardiovascular health and healthy brain function. Turmeric root is available in some grocery stores, but the spice is more widely available. 
  • Mushrooms in a smoothie?? You bet! Mushrooms are immunomodulators, meaning they can actually manipulate immune system functions in a positive way. Adaptogenic mushroom powders are another way to get the benefits of mushrooms in a smoothie! Read all about them here (link)
  • Olive oil or avocados provide essential fats required for optimal brain health. These healthy fats are anti-inflammatory and are known to improve skin health. Trust us - you won’t taste them at all when blending with some fruit! 
  • Lemons are a bright, tart fruit that naturally increase the flavour profile of whatever its blended with. Lemons are a great source of calcium for bone health and vitamin C for an immune boost. They are also an important antioxidant and have been traditionally used to treat kidney stones. Pro tip: blending fresh lemon in your smoothie reduces the acidity and won’t ruin your teeth! 
  • Greek Yogurt is a probiotic powerhouse and a great source of protein. The protein and fat content in yogurt is excellent for a slow-digesting smoothie, keeping you fuller longer. 
  • 100% Pure Whey Protein is not only a source of protein - it covers a broad spectrum of nutrients needed for healthy liver and heart function. Natural whey contains essential amino acids for many bodily functions. Not all whey is created the same; our whey is natural and made without any fillers! Check it out here
  • Collagen is an excellent protein boost for those who are lactose intolerant and cannot digest whey protein. Collagen is found in your bones, joints, organs, intestinal lining, and skin, so boosting collagen intake can greatly improve health. Our collagen is flavourless and can be added into smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, even coffee! Take a closer look here.
  • Greens powders are a fantastic addition for those struggling to get enough greens during the day. Greens are high alkaline foods, meaning they counteract acidity and may reduce acid reflux/heartburn. Our greens include spirulina, chlorella, broccoli, alfalfa, spinach, parsley, and more! 
  • Psyllium Husk is a superstar for keeping the bowel movements regular, releasing toxins, and keeping you full for a longer period of time. Psyllium is a big source of fiber and can help those with high blood pressure or blood sugar imbalances. Our Psyllium makes a great addition to meal replacement smoothies, and to curb nighttime cravings! 

    3.  Smoothie DO’s and DON'Ts for optimal health

DON’T load up on high-carb fruits if you’re trying to manage blood sugar and/or lose weight

DON’T add lots of raw green leafy plants like spinach and kale, especially daily. These greens have compounds called oxalates that bind to other minerals and hinders their absorption, especially iodine and calcium. This can hinder bone health over a long period of time, and can increase the chance of kidney stones. 

DON’T blend your smoothies for longer than 30 seconds. Over-blending can create bubbles and contribute to gas and bloating. 


DO use water as the liquid in your smoothie - it saves some calories!

DO cook your leafy greens like spinach before adding to your smoothies, as this greatly reduces oxalates 

DO change up your smoothies throughout the week so you can cover a broad spectrum of nutrients! 


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