Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Swaps From Our Experts

We get it, trying to find the best information on your own on the internet is super overwhelming. You'll read one place that you should avoid carbs, another place that you should only eat carbs before three then another of only eat carbs on days with E's in them.

It's confusing. When all you want is just simple, easy ways to change your lifestyle to something that is going to work perfectly for you, and just you. 

Let's start small, here are some lifestyle swaps from our Experts


  1. Instead of pop, choose kombucha or zevia for your carbonated fix. Ginger kombucha is a great alternative to gingerale. 


  1. Instead of Gatorade, try ROAR electrolyte drink. They only use 5g of sugar or less from organic cane sugar and use stevia or other sweeteners like Organic Stevia (a member of the sunflower family) and Organic Erythritol (which comes from corn) for a drink that is full of flavour and not too sweet. They do not use any artificial dyes or flavours. 


  1. Instead of milk chocolate, swap for dark chocolate 70% or higher. The higher the percentage of cacao, the less sugar the chocolate has. 


  1. Instead of skipping a snack or eating a high sugar one, try 1-2 ounces of nuts for a quick, easy snack. This will stabilize your blood sugar, add essential nutrients and keep you full. 


  1. Instead of margarine, swap for heart healthy extra virgin olive oil. We might be biased, but the Simply For Life olive oil from Crete, Greece is incredible with a high amount of antioxidant rich polyphenols that are good for you! Try a drizzle on your morning toast! 
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  1. Instead of white or processed bread with lots of preservatives, try sprouted organic bread that’s in the freezer. Bread that doesn’t go stale quickly will have added preservatives you don’t need. We love Ezekiel English muffins which are also higher in fibre which will help suppress appetite and aid digestion. 


  1. Purchase organic tea and coffee. Organic tea and coffee are grown without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides. Since coffee and tea is something most people drink daily (and oftentimes multiple times per day), we believe this is an important swap. They usually taste better as well! 


  1. Instead of high sugar energy drinks, try Wake Water which has 85mg of caffeine per can derived from green tea. It has 0g of sugar and clients love it. 


  1. Purchase non, GMO or organic grains. Bread, oatmeal, pasta, rice, quinoa and couscous are a few examples. Simply For Life Natural Market has lots of options for good quality grains. 


  1. Include healthy fats in your diet. A few of our favourites are nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado, full fat dairy (low-fat cheese tastes gross too), butter, olives, dark chocolate, fatty wild fish. 


Want more tips on changing your lifestyle? 

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