Lifestyle Update - Jennifer Smith


"I am still working in my health and wellness, I really will never stop, it's absolutely become a lifestyle, and one that has enriched not only my life but that of my husband and son as well. There is so much joy and laughter in our home now, we are all being healthy and eating well with a lot more energy.

My son has stopped asking for sugary treats and looks for healthier options along with a "treat" from Simply For Life once in a while. It's great to know that he is learning and growing and starting to make good choices on his own! That's something for a 10 year old.

I have suffered with hypothyroidism as well as anxiety for years and have been able to reduce my thyroid medication by a third and am working to lower it more! The healthier I become, the less medication I need! I have successfully reduced my anxiety medication, of the last 20 years and have been able to come completely off it! It's amazing how my changes have not only impacted my weight but my overall well-being. In our house, we work together to ensure we all stay healthy and lead by example so our son will never have to know the struggles that being so overweight can bring. That alone brings its own set of struggles that once you're down the rabbit hole can make it hard to find the way out. It's not always easy but for me and my boys, it's been so worth it!"

- Jennifer Smith


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