Benefits of food preparation


If you don’t plan to succeed, you are planning to fail. Planning is about more than just mentally preparing yourself for the week–meal prep is also crucial for your success. Here are some of the benefits of food preparation at the beginning of the week.

Less temptation to cheat on your diet

When you’re in a hurry or tired, you’ll grab the first thing you can find to eat. That may be fast food or junk food, or, if you prepare your food ahead of time, you could be reaching for healthy, tasty food that’s good for you. Your waistline will thank you, but so will your wallet, since you won’t be buying fast food as often.

You’ll eat more veggies

Part of the benefit of meal prep is the fact that you’ll eat healthier because you’ll be making a conscious effort. If you plan your meals to include healthy veggies, you’ll actually eat them. When you have your meals planned and prepped, you take the hard work out of choosing your meals every day.

You’ll eat fewer empty calories

When you have nutritious meals and snacks prepped and waiting for you, you’ll be less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks to curb your hunger. This can have a big impact on your waistline, especially if you are counting calories. Fewer junk calories in combined with healthier food choices mean you’ll feel better, have more energy, and lose more weight than if you simply try to ‘wing it’ throughout the week at meal times.

You’ll make better choices

When you impose a level of self-control (meal prepping and actually sticking to your planned menu takes a hefty dose of it), it will carry over to other aspects of your life. You’ll make better health choices when you know that you can succeed at meal prepping and planning.

You’ll have less stress (and more time)

If you’ve ever stood in front of an open refrigerator and wondered what you were going to eat, meal prepping can help. No more wasted time worrying about what to eat–just go and get your pre-planned, pre-prepped meal and enjoy the time you don’t spend slaving away in the kitchen every night.

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